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Red Bull – Robin Hood Army

Throughout 2019 I had the opportunity of being involved in a Red Bull series called ‘ I am the Engine’ which entailed doing 7 films across 6 different countries all focusing on various social organisations.

I was given the chance to not only shoot but also direct the film that focused an organisation in India fuelled by social movement, called The Robin Hood Army, trying to help solve world hunger one meal at a time.

Quite an inspiring thing they’re doing and I hope this film does them justice. 🙂

**Please click HERE to visit the Red Bull website where the film is hosted**



I was recently asked by journalist and filmmaker, Dan McDougall,  to assist in Greenland with a project for The Guardian newspaper focusing on climate change.

In total we spent a period of 3 weeks amongst mountains, ice sheets, scientists, fisherman, hunters, boats, and a severe scarcity of internet. It truly was a surreal experience.

At the end of it all we came away with this short film that has currently been accepted into four film festivals.

The full article, including Dan’s written piece, can be found HERE on The Guardian’s website.


TAG Heuer – Cara Delevingne – #DontCrackUnderPressure

So the lovely people at TAG Heuer got in touch with me with the charming news that they wanted me to assist with their latest campaign, ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’ featuring the somewhat famous, Cara Delevingne.

The campaign consisted of photography by the not-too-shabby and delightful human being, David Yarrow ( alongside whom some refer to as ‘The Lion Whisperer’ and a pretty cool cat himself, Kevin Richardson (  I was asked to create the film element of the campaign  which in the end got played on the big Times Square screen (amongst other places), which, um, is somewhat cool :p

Shout out to Jess Viljoen for holding down the edit suite, Josh Borill for the grading, and Willem van der Heever for assisting with the shoot.



Just Walking – A DJI Ronin-S Showcase

So the lovely people at Orms (the official South African distributor of DJI products) gave me the first brand new DJI Ronin-S in the country and asked me to make a film with it.

After initially conceptualizing a BMX styled film, our plans fell through at the last minute due to ‘location logistics’ and so we had to go back to the drawing board. With bad weather and only a few days to spare, we manage to whip up this little film in the last 48 hours.

Special thanks to DJI and Orms ( for hooking up this fine piece of equipment – hands down the best one handed gimbal on the market right now. No pun intended 🙂

**Please note – this was the first time I got to use this new lovely piece of equipment, and so apologies if it’s a little rough around the edges at times.


Directed, filmed, and edited by me 🙂

Starring Adam Heyns
1st AD/Camera Assistant/Animal Wrangler – Willem van der Heever



The Norwegian wilderness.
Explored by six friends.
On one unforgettable journey.

Most travel films are merely aesthetic montages. We wanted to tell a story.
A story of human connection in an unfamiliar place.

What are wondrous memories, behemoth mountains, gargantuan fjords and jaw-dropping vistas without the brotherhood and sisterhood to which all of us are bound?
No beginning, middle or end.
Hollow beauty.

The Familiar Unknown is about confronting a new challenge with the backing and guidance of friendship.
It is a commentary on the nature of our obsession for exploration of the mysterious, and the bonds between those who share it.



Produced by GKC (
Directed, filmed, and edited by Dewald Brand (
Titling by Kambani Chamane (
Colouring by Josh Borill (
Sound Design by NOVO Sound (



Copper Ashes – A tale from Afrika Burn – Short Film

Every year thousands of “burners” migrate to the Tankwa Karoo, coming together in a whirlwind of affection, expression and dust.

In 2017 among the pretty faces were three filmmakers (Herman du Toit, Michael Zomer, and myself) who joined the pilgrimage in order to shed light on the true essence of AfrikaBurn. They integrated themselves and listened to the stories of their peers whistling in the wind, all in a valiant effort to try and encapsulate the magnitude of the gathering. A gift to the attendees, a glimpse of the glory for those whom have yet to experience AfrikaBurn.

In their pursuit they handed out multiple disposable cameras with the intent of having them spread across the playa, from burner to burner. A few photos made it back to the three filmmakers, with each telling their own story.

Visit to view a few of the photos that made their way back to us.


A gift from…

Directed and written by Dewald Brand and Herman du Toit
Produced by GKC (
Filmed by Dewald Brand, Michael Zomer, and Herman du Toit
Graded by Josh Borrill
Aerial footage by Skyhook
Sound design by Luis Trudjillo
Skydiving footage by Mother City Skydiving
Edited by Dewald Brand
Visual effects by Herman du Toit
Illustrations by Megan Corbet

Special thanks to Orms Cape Town School of Photography for granting access to film in their dark room.


In Foreign Transit – Vietnam – Short Film

‘In Foreign Transit – Vietnam’ is the tale of three South African creatives (a chef- Jade De Waal, a photographer- Max Mogale, and a filmmaker- myself) who embarked on a journey to explore the far off distant lands of Vietnam.

Over a course of 3 weeks, the three of us headed from one destination to the next, each exploring our respective art form.

Along the way we adventured through salt plains, tasted a vast array of street cuisine and coffee beans, as well as discovering the ancient techniques of making tofu. Amongst many other things.

Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey from the comfort of your screen 🙂

**Bit of a backstory/prelude:

Just under two years ago, as the sun was starting to set, we were wrapping up a shoot in Johannesburg. We got in the cars, and were ready to drive off… When out of nowhere, 5 guys approached us. One took out a good ol’ gun and gently tapped on the window.

And within the next couple seconds, all our valuables where in their possession. (With the exception of my AirBnB key which I politely stated would do them no good, to which they replied by kindly handing it back to me)

Apart from the cameras, drones, stabilisers, lenses, etc that they took, amongst it all was a small harddrive that (foolishly) had the only latest copy of the edit I was working on at the time.

Being around a 12 minute piece, it has literally taken me all this while to find the motivation (and time) to restart the editing process and get this lil’ film wrapped up. But I can finally now say that it’s duuunnnnn. Whoop whoop!!!

Special thanks to Jess Viljoen for helping out with the edit when morale was low, as well as Daniel Walsh, Dale Raad, Dan Tucker, and Frank Burger for assisting with the filming of the interviews.


Directed, Filmed, and Edited by me 🙂
Starring: Jade De Waal (, Max Mogale ( ), and Dewald Brand
Sound Mastering and Design – Tim Pringle (

Produced by GKC (


A Documentary Showreel

Over the past 3 or 4 years I’ve been fortunate enough to carry around a bunch of camera gear through over 20 different countries – filming for brands such as Maersk, Western Union, Oxfam, General Electric, The United Nations, and various others.

This is some of the footage I’ve captured along the way 🙂


Filmed and edited by your truly

“Town of Strangers” by BOKKA
(No music rights were obtained. No copy right infringement intended)


Cotlands – Previously Advantaged – TVC

I was approached by King James and Cognitive to help direct and shoot the TVC for their ‘Previously Advantaged’ campaign for Cotlands; a NPO that focuses on helping early childhood development.

It was a fun little shoot and one with a really strong and impactful message. Hope you agree! 🙂



** This piece was shot over a year ago but with time being more of a luxury these days the post production phase of this lil’ passion project took a little longer than anticipated… The good news being though that, well, it’s finally done.**


bear·ing /’beriNG/ :

1. A part of a machine that allows one part to rotate or move in contact with another part with as little friction as possible.
2. Awareness of one’s position relative to one’s surroundings.

In the world of skateboarding your bearings dictate how smoothly and effortlessly you will glide across the surface. At times it’s valuable to realise that the surface might be inevitably bumpy and plummet you to the ground resulting in a sudden halt. It’s at these times when the “many” stay down, but the “few” rise knowing they just got a little stronger and wiser. In the greater scheme of things, life and it’s limitations are those bumps and falling back to reality should be seen as an option and not compulsory.


Produced by The Grand•Kids Collective (
Directed and edited by Dewald Brand (
Shot by Daniel Walsh and Dewald Brand
Written by Herman Du Toit
Titles by Kambani Chamane
Aerial footage by Dewald Brand and Kambani Chamane
Sound Design by Origin Audio
Voiceover recording and sound mastering by NOVO Sound
Starring Philip Hotz and Clayton Leitch
Voiceover by Peter Gilchrist
Music by Bonobo – ‘Black Sands’ (No music rights were obtained. No copyright infringements intended.)