Directing / Cinematography / Editing

Having wrapped up a month long job in Mexico and seeing as we had a bunch of gear with us, we decided to stay an extra week in Mexico City in hopes of shooting a ‘passion project’ – we had made it all the way from Cape Town after all so we figured ‘why not.’

We just needed a story.

After waiting for 4 hours on the first day for what originally seemed like a worthwhile lead (but who ended up not showing) we headed off to get a coffee from our favourite local coffee spot.

On the way there, we passed Reuben, busy doing his thing.

And just like that, the rest manifested itself into this short little film.


Produced by The Grand•Kids Collective (
Directed & Edited by Dewald Brand (
Filmed by Daniel Walsh & Dewald Brand
Production Assistant: Maria Usi
Titling by Kambani Chamane
Sound Design by Tim Pringle