Directing / Cinematography / Editing

** This piece was shot over a year ago but with time being more of a luxury these days the post production phase of this lil’ passion project took a little longer than anticipated… The good news being though that, well, it’s finally done.**


bear·ing /’beriNG/ :

1. A part of a machine that allows one part to rotate or move in contact with another part with as little friction as possible.
2. Awareness of one’s position relative to one’s surroundings.

In the world of skateboarding your bearings dictate how smoothly and effortlessly you will glide across the surface. At times it’s valuable to realise that the surface might be inevitably bumpy and plummet you to the ground resulting in a sudden halt. It’s at these times when the “many” stay down, but the “few” rise knowing they just got a little stronger and wiser. In the greater scheme of things, life and it’s limitations are those bumps and falling back to reality should be seen as an option and not compulsory.


Produced by The Grand•Kids Collective (
Directed and edited by Dewald Brand (
Shot by Daniel Walsh and Dewald Brand
Written by Herman Du Toit
Titles by Kambani Chamane
Aerial footage by Dewald Brand and Kambani Chamane
Sound Design by Origin Audio
Voiceover recording and sound mastering by NOVO Sound
Starring Philip Hotz and Clayton Leitch
Voiceover by Peter Gilchrist
Music by Bonobo – ‘Black Sands’ (No music rights were obtained. No copyright infringements intended.)