In Foreign Transit – Vietnam – Short Film

Directing / Cinematography / Editing

‘In Foreign Transit – Vietnam’ is the tale of three South African creatives (a chef- Jade De Waal, a photographer- Max Mogale, and a filmmaker- myself) who embarked on a journey to explore the far off distant lands of Vietnam.

Over a course of 3 weeks, the three of us headed from one destination to the next, each exploring our respective art form.

Along the way we adventured through salt plains, tasted a vast array of street cuisine and coffee beans, as well as discovering the ancient techniques of making tofu. Amongst many other things.

Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey from the comfort of your screen 🙂

**Bit of a backstory/prelude:

Just under two years ago, as the sun was starting to set, we were wrapping up a shoot in Johannesburg. We got in the cars, and were ready to drive off… When out of nowhere, 5 guys approached us. One took out a good ol’ gun and gently tapped on the window.

And within the next couple seconds, all our valuables where in their possession. (With the exception of my AirBnB key which I politely stated would do them no good, to which they replied by kindly handing it back to me)

Apart from the cameras, drones, stabilisers, lenses, etc that they took, amongst it all was a small harddrive that (foolishly) had the only latest copy of the edit I was working on at the time.

Being around a 12 minute piece, it has literally taken me all this while to find the motivation (and time) to restart the editing process and get this lil’ film wrapped up. But I can finally now say that it’s duuunnnnn. Whoop whoop!!!

Special thanks to Jess Viljoen for helping out with the edit when morale was low, as well as Daniel Walsh, Dale Raad, Dan Tucker, and Frank Burger for assisting with the filming of the interviews.


Directed, Filmed, and Edited by me 🙂
Starring: Jade De Waal (, Max Mogale ( ), and Dewald Brand
Sound Mastering and Design – Tim Pringle (

Produced by GKC (