Elise Trouw – “Awake” Music Video


One our favourite ‘clients’, Elise Trouw, was back in South Africa for a couple days and so along with GKC (www.GKC.media) we took the opportunity to shoot two new music videos-  one of which I got to direct, entitled “Awake”.


Lucid dreaming, underwater bubbles, trippy bus lights, and a 8mm projector – it was a fun shoot. And if you haven’t checked out Elise’s new album, ‘Unravelling’ then be sure to do so – her website can be found here.


Produced by GKC ( www.GKC.media )

Directed by Dewald Brand

DOP : Daniel Walsh

Producer : Chase Musslewhite

Gaffer: Thomas Klopfner

Editor: Jess Viljoen

Colorist: Josh Borrill

Creative Director: Herman Du Toit

1st AC: George Kirkinis , Joshua Rijneke

Production Assistant : Dylan Der Kinderen