Directing / Cinematography

“Very seldom do you come across a space, a time like this, between act and act, where you may simply stop and be.”

The kaleidoscopic beauty of AfrikaBurn 2015 captured through the eyes and lens of a photographer and a filmmaker.


Directed and Filmed by Dewald Brand
Narration and Photography by Max Mogale
Edited by Paul Domanski and Dewald Brand
Visual Effects by Kambani Chamane
Colour Grading by Martin Geldenhuys
Sound Design by Tim Pringle and Paul Domanski
Aerial Footage by Barry Smit and Graham Newton
Produced by The Grand•Kids Collective (GrandKidsCollective.com)

Music: Air – “Alone In Kyoto” , The Black Angels – “Young Men Dead”, Darkside- “Golden Arrow’, Gorillaz – ‘Demon Days’ (No rights for the music were obtained, no copy right infringement intended)

Special thanks and shout out to .inc, Sweet Love Cinema, Short & Sweet, and everyone who made Africa Burn 2015 happen! Hope to see you all again next year!